Practical solutions to your challenges


Consulting: providing industry know how / effective knowledge transfer

Coaching: expanding your managers capabilities

Workshops: driving cross departmental / cross cultural engagement

Global Project Management: delivering effective project results

Interim Management: taking full executive responsibility for results


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We provide proven practical solutions to many problems. We drive your business forward effectively based on "state of the art" industry knowhow and extensive hands-on experience.

We deliver sustainable results for your lasting success:

Driving Change

No matter what your reasons for the need of change are: global competition, volatile markets, customer expectations, internal reasons, ... Change is hard. But there are good ways to drive change.

  • We act as your champions of change: Bring a bag of tricks to help you move things along.
  • We start small: Show results, however small, before you get involved in a massive project.
  • We re-create the wheel: Reproduce what’s been done before, but with the new approach. That gives people a stepping stone—they know they won’t lose their current capabilities. Then you can build on that.
  • We make jealous: Show the new beside the old and make people wish they were part of the new way forward. Then share it with them.
  • We create a club: Associate the change with smart, forward-thinking people involved and watch others follow.
  • We reward: Run a contest to get people to try the new process. Make it fun and give prizes, even small ones.
  • We involve: Organize a networking/workshop/training event to get people there and getting them actively involved.
  • We reduce fear, address cultural issues, provide inspirational and motivational leadership: We manage and lead people to a new and better way of doing things.

The goal is to transform a better idea into a better way to make the change real. People follow people not power point slides and excel spreadsheets – we get you there.

Business Growth

No matter whether you seek to expand into new countries or are in need to identify new markets or are looking to integrate new channels like social media  -  we get you there transferring our industry know how and using our hands on experience either as Interim Manager in  location(s)  or serving as cross functional / cross cultural project leader or as task force manager.

Business Process Reingeneering

No matter why your processes are not effective  -  we analyse, redefine, implement based on industry best practice or help you gain industry certification (e.g.: COPC)
and drive for visible results and effective success using our motivational management skills, practical experience.

Positive Customer Experience

No matter what the reasons for ineffective customer experience  -  we drive towards an optimal CLC via efficient CRM, using all available channels for customer communication and contact providing best in class customer service quality across all customer touch points based on industry best practice, expertise and first hand experience gained around the world.

Operations Optimization / Global Operations Excellence

No matter what causes the inefficiency of your operation, no matter if it applies to one or multiple sites/countries we will identify the gabs and overlaps; implement, streamline and actively drive the change through GOE*. We define the GOE-project scope, identify a project   team within your organization and run/manage the project (average 12 months) internationally (with no limitation of languages, countries, sites involved) using our extensive experience gained throughout the world, covering most of the Americas, major Asian/Pacific counties and EMEA.

*GOE is a concept to standardize or align organizational structures, roles and responsibilities, processes and technologies while sharing best practice on a global basis; assuring best possible operational effectiveness while showing “one face to the customer” across all sites world wide. GOE results aim to meet or exceed defined KPIs with CSAT levels above industry standard.

Global Alignment / Standardization

No matter what is triggering your need for effective global standardization or optimal alignment across regions, cultures and local business units,  not matter whether it’s one, more or a combination of shrinking margin, growing operations cost, gaps and overlaps in your organization, multiple resources across business units or countries, ineffective, costly or just different technology across your business   -  we identify and close the gaps by analysing, defining, streamlining, standardizing and aligning organizational structure, roles and responsibilities, processes and related technology on a global basis following best practice, using industry knowledge while ensuring "one face to the customer" world wide.

Managing Turnaround

No matter why your business is in trouble: ineffective management style, over-diversification, lack of operating controls, explosive growth, precarious customer base -  we are specialists entering a company with a fresh eye and complete objectivity. We can spot problems that may not be visible to company insiders and implement solutions. We have no political agenda or other obligations to bias the decision-making process, allowing them to take sometimes unpopular, yet necessary, steps required for a company’s survival. We are experience in crisis situations able to make critical decisions quickly to give the best chance for recovery.

RFP Management

No matter if you seek to outsource a marketing, sales or business development campaign, your business processes (BPO), your customer service, your tech-support or wish to buy the optimal technology, system or service available   -   we analyse the pro and cons, define the need, identify the optimal solution or partner; we run the project for you using experience made on both side of the table buying, selling and running outsourced services.

Services Outsourcing / Off-shoring Management

No matter if you consider to outsource your business processes (BPO), your customer service, customer relationship management (CRM), your marketing, cross/up-selling campaigns or your tech-support  partly or entirely within country, in near or off-shore locations or any combination   -   we will manage the defined project from a to z or take over full management for a defined period of time to build up, streamline or extend existing location(s) based on experience gained in most applicable countries/location around the globe.

Backfill Permanent Positions

No matter if you need to bridge a management vacancy (e.g.: after an acquisition), or fill a temporary management position (e.g.: building up a new business unit or location) nationally or internationally   -   we will take ownership and responsibility bringing along our knowledge, expertise and experience gained in similar positions.

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